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Great Reminders for Courageous Leaders from Randy Conley

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Memorandum To: Leaders Everywhere From: A Fellow Sojourner Subject: Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself Dear fellow leaders, It has come to my attention that we are our own worst enemies. The lack of…

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It’s All In the View

Funny how different things look from the air.  Several years ago, to celebrate a significant birthday, I went skydiving.  It was a blast, most exciting thing I’ve ever done. (Aside from marrying my sweetheart and raising a few sons.)  Of … Continue reading

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Unto Me – Part 2

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At the risk of raising some criticism, I’m re-posting this thought with a few edits.  I’m just stuck here.  This thought of doing everything for Christ, taking myself out of the equation, has really impacted my decisions lately.  So, if … Continue reading

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The Sound of Silence

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Have you ever thought about silence. You know, that awkward silence when the boss asks a question and no one answers. Or when someone says something inappropriate. Or that moment in a meeting when a co-worker makes a statement that … Continue reading

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What are you doing tomorrow?

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Today is a beautiful early spring day in central Ohio.  March Madness abounds. The sun is shining and daffodils are in bloom.   Our business has moved through making tough performance management decisions that resulted in a re-energizing enthusiasm of … Continue reading

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Measure This!

A particular individual contributor I know is constantly hammering her manger to know when she will be promoted to manager.  It is a consistent cry, “I’m ready to be promoted to manager, why won’t you promote me?”  The thing is … Continue reading

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Unsung Heroes – Part 2 of 2

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This is a picture of courageous leadership.  To move yourself from first to last.  From most important to least important. To put someone else’s forever needs in front of your temporary embarrassment.  I wonder how many of us could make … Continue reading

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Unsung Heroes – Part 1 of 2

She got the call at work. The call, not just any call.  The call for which they had been waiting so long.  “We have a baby for you”, they said.  “You and your husband come quickly to pick her up.”  … Continue reading

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A Little Challenge For You

Interested in learning more about courageous leadership and enjoy a group setting?   In a comfortable, fun, and engaging setting we discuss leadership topics from a Biblical perspective.  And, we spend time talking about how to apply what we learn … Continue reading

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Get Out! Get Out!

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A few years ago my husband, Thad, and I were on our way home from a great weekend at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We had driven our 1981, red, C-3, t-top ,“Shark” body Corvette from Berea, Kentucky … Continue reading

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