What are you doing tomorrow?

Today is a beautiful early spring day in central Ohio.  March Madness abounds. The sun is shining and daffodils are in bloom.   Our business has moved through making tough performance management decisions that resulted in a re-energizing enthusiasm of the leadership team.  Our church is busy getting ready for a March 30th huge teen community event, and looking toward our Easter celebration.  And, I’m feeling the urge for some retail therapy after I enjoy some serious daughter/daddy time.  No doubt you are equally busy.  So, given all of the activity abounding I’ll keep today’s post short and sweet.

What will you do with tomorrow?  If I were a betting person I’d say your Saturday looks like mine: family time, grocery shopping, maybe catch up with friends, a date with your sweetheart, laundry, watch one of the many NCAA basketball games, some work from work, and if you’re smart get outside and throw the ball or ride a bike with one of your favorite youngsters.  But what about tomorrow?  Will you make time to go to church?  So many people have allowed themselves, through a series of choices, to get out of the habit of regular church attendance. Maybe you don’t even like church. Or, maybe you are like a few  folks I know who have come to believe they just don’t need church.

Why does that matter you might ask?  Well, you’re so busy fixing things, resolving problems, taking care of others, leading in your career, developing others – who is developing you? Who are you listening too?  What is feeding you?  The Apostle Paul teaches us through the Word of God in Hebrews 10:25 to “Let us not give up the habit of meeting together, as some are doing. Instead, let us encourage one another all the more, since you see that the Day of the Lord is coming nearer.” (GNT)

So, let’s look at the top 1o reasons you should choose to attend church services tomorrow, and even a small Bible study group if available:

  • 10.          You’ll enjoy catching up with old friends
  •  9.           You’ll meet new people and make new friends
  •  8.           You will hear inspirational and moving music
  •  7 .          You will take your family, and enjoy some uninterrupted time together
  •  6.           Gives you an opportunity to participate in corporate worship
  •  5.           As you will turn off your cell phone, it gives you a digital break
  •  4.           You will learn what service opportunities are available, needs you can fill
  • 3.            You will receive a blessing as you take advantage of the opportunity to  encourage someone
  • 2.            You will learn something new, for life application, through the Pastor’s message as he brings the Word
  • 1.            God will bless your obedience to His instruction to remember to gather together, choosing to put Him first

Allow me to encourage you to make the active choice to attend church services tomorrow. (Or perhaps you know of a church that offers Saturday evening services).   One key leadership attribute is the choice to continue to develop, to invest in yourself.  Certainly, this includes our spiritual development.

Let me know what you think.  Is regular church attendance part of your management routine as a way to not only invest in your own development, but also participate in opportunities for service?

About Beth Gifford

Change agent, business executive, Pastor's wife, and mom having a great life!
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